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Office of the Ombudsman
Office of the Ombudsman>The International Ombudsman Institute (I.O.I.)

The International Ombudsman Institute (I.O.I.)

This is a non-profit organisation which regroups all the Ombudsman of the world and its head office is located at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  
Its objects include:
promotion of the concept of ombudsman and the encouragement of its development throughout the world;
encouragement and support for research and study into the office of ombudsman;
development and operation of educational programmes for ombudsmen, their staff and other interested people;
collection, storage and dissemination of information and research data about the institution of the ombudsman;
development and operation of programmes to enable an exchange of information and experience between ombudsmen throughout the world;
organisation of international ombudsmanship conferences;
provision of scholarships, fellowships, grants and other types of financial support to individuals throughout the world to encourage the development of the ombudsman concept and to encourage study and research into the institution of ombudsman.
It has, among others, the following activities:
annual publication of The Ombudsman Journal
publication of an Occasional Paper Series and
the International Ombudsman Institute Newsletter
publication of the Annual Profile of Ombudsman and
other Complaint-Handling Systems
organisation of conferences and seminars
conduct of research into ombudsman issues
maintenance of a library and resource centre
of monographs,articles, legislation and annual reports