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Office of the Ombudsman
Office of the Ombudsman>The-Association-des-Ombudsmans-et-Médiateurs-de-la-Francophonie(A-O-M-F-)

The "Association des Ombudsmans et Médiateurs de la Francophonie"(A.O.M.F.)
The Ombudsman of Mauritius is not only a voting member of the A.O.M.F. but also a member of its Executive Board and a member of the Committee for the revision of the statutes of the Association.
The A.O.M.F. has an office in Paris (Médiateur de la République, 7, rue Saint-Florentin, 75008 Paris, France) and another one in Quebec (Le Protecteur du citoyen, 525, Boulevard René-Lévesque Est, bureau 1.25, Québec, Canada, G1R 5Y4).  Its Secretariat is situated for the time being in the Vallée d'Aoste, Italy (Le Médiateur de la Vallée d'Aoste et Secrétaire Général de l'A.O.M.F., 52, rue B. Festoz, 1-1100 - Aoste, Italie).
The "Declaration of Principles" of this association is as per hereunder -
The "Association des Ombudsmans et Médiateurs de la Francophonie" is a non-profit international association which pursues essentially professional objectives through co-operation among its members.
Encouraging understanding and mutual assistance, the Association respects the free discussion of ideas within the framework of various national policies.
The Association is independent, democratic and professional.  Each member has the right to full democratic participation in the life of the organization.  Any member who believes that the exercise of this right has been infringed may so inform the officials of the Association.
The following are the objectives of the association -
to promote knowledge of the role of ombudsman and mediator and to develop the concept of the institution in the Francophonie in order to promote democratic practices, social peace and the protection and advancement of human rights;
to contribute to the achievement of these objectives worldwide by co-operating with ombudsmen and mediators who are not members of the Association;
to develop and implement programmes, to exchange information and experiences among its members;
to gather, preserve and disseminate information and research results on the institution of the ombudsman and mediator;
to develop the professional standards of ombudsman and mediator institutions;
to promote the training of staff of the offices of ombudsmen and
mediators who are members of the Association;
to encourage and support study and research on the ombudsman and mediator function;
to hold a convention of the members at least every two years;
to develop relations with organizations and persons pursuing objectives similar to or compatible with those of the Association;
to ensure equitable representation of the Association within the International Ombudsman Institute;
to undertake any project that may prove necessary to achieve the objectives of the Association.