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Office of the Ombudsman


Who can complain to the Ombudsman?
Any citizen or group of citizens
A foreigner may also complain where the complaint relates to action taken in relation to him while he was present in Mauritius.
A prisoner or inmate of a mental or other similar institution: the letter is forwarded to the Ombudsman unopened.
The Ombudsman may himself, on his own initiative, start an investigation e.g. after taking cognisance in the Press of a particular problem affecting the public.
What kind of complaint may be made?
The complaint must relate to personal injustice to the individual who lodges the complaint.  For example -
wrong decision by the administration
failure by the administration to take action
unjust manner in which the administration has acted
unreasonable delay in taking action thus causing prejudice
How to complain?
A simple letter is sufficient.  The writer must also give his name and address.  The letter must be dated and signed.  Relevant documents, if any, may also be sent.  They help to expedite matters.
There is a time limit of 12 months for making a complaint, unless good cause is shown.
No fee is payable.